Voices of Past SLs

KSS brings out the best in our Seminar Leaders, and they bring out the best in us!

Risa Kanai・KSS2021 online

My experience at KSS has absolutely transformed my perspective on teaching and cross-cultural interaction between myself and my bright-minded and ambitious high school students. It was a pleasure seeing how much my students were able to grow not just in their English-speaking abilities, but their overall improvements in their life skills as hard-working individuals. I also observed myself improving as a teacher by learning from trial and error and being able to work together with my HL partner and other fellow members of the Seminar Team in order to create the most thought-provoking seminars for my students. My wonderful experience at KSS can be attributed to all of the highly devoted and kind staff members and the optimistic students, who made every seminar that I taught very fulfilling and special. I have also made many precious friendships throughout the program, which I hope to cherish even after my experience at KSS.

Maria Monalisa Victorio Handoko・KSS2021 online

KSS 2021 gave me a memorable summer that reaffirmed my desire to become a teacher! I was proud to be a part of a team of passionate university students around the world who sincerely gave their best in supporting high schoolers on their journey of personal development. Witnessing my students stepping out of their comfort zone and growing throughout the week was very inspiring. Although it was done online, I felt that the community created an atmosphere that fostered meaningful conversations and relationships. I entered KSS with a teaching role but left learning so much more from my students and teammates.

Crystal Gong・KSS2021 online

The environment that everyone put into making KSS happen was magical. Having a place where students, regardless of age, where able to engage critically with liberal arts supported by all the amazing staff is a unique opportunity that I am grateful to have. Not only did I see my students grow in the short span of a week, I also grew as an instructor. I was nervous and unsure of how it would turn out as I held the heavy responsibility of leading my first seminar, but now I leave KSS with a sense of fulfillment, pride, and a whole new community.

Aya Sakonju・KSS2021 online

KSS is an invaluable experience that has opened a lot more doors. This program is truly unique because it is not only about teaching and learning but it successfully builds self-confidence, character, and curiosity. I knew I did my job when by the end, students were saying “I can see why you get so excited when you talk about this topic.” I never thought the email with the KSS website link my professor sent me would be this life-changing. Everyone here genuinely always has each other’s back.

Grace Lim・KSS2021 online

KSS is overloaded with inspiring experiences — from language and cultural exchanges, exploring new perspectives and making everlasting friendships. Looking back at all the moments of experiences and success, I can confidently say that KSS has found purpose to the things I’ve learned as a college student. Participating as a SL was an opportunity to pay forward my learning experiences to the high school students, and seeing their confidence improve and making self-motivated attempts more and more over time made me realize that I have the capability to make a valuable impact on other people, even of different cultures and languages! Though KSS, I discovered an entirely new side of myself that I would have never realized I had otherwise.

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