2020 Seminar Topics

Connie Chang-Chien
(Johns Hopkins University)

Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Epidemiology 

of a Pandemic

Miriam Alvarez Rosenbloom
(Columbia University)

American Food as Immigrant History


Yuewei Wang
(University of British Columbia)

Capitalism and China


Cameroon Sheehy
(Vanderbilt University)

Introduction to Educational Linguistics

Xiran Tan
(Wesleyan University)

Buddhist Art from India to East Asia

Miwa Johnstone
(Middlebury College)

Child Psychology

Jill Mankoff
(Wellesley College)

Green Chemistry

Andrea Lam
(University of Manchester)

Reality: Not as Simple as it Seems 

Rey Takahashi
(Willamette University)

Western Literature: Poetry

Xun Zheng
(Columbia University)

Children, Childhood, and Narratives