Past Seminars

2020 Seminars

Connie Chang-Chien
(Johns Hopkins University)

Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Epidemiology of a Pandemic

Miriam Alvarez Rosenbloom
(Columbia University)

American Food as Immigrant History

Yuewei Wang
(University of British Columbia)

Capitalism and China

Cameron Sheehy
(Vanderbilt University)

Introduction to Educational Linguistics

Xiran Tan
(Wesleyan University)

Buddhist Art from India to East Asia

Miwa Johnstone (Middlebury College)

Child Psychology

Jill Mankoff
(Wellesley College)

Green Chemistry

Andrea Lam
(University of Manchester)

Reality: Not as Simple as it Seems

Rey Takahashi
(Willamette University)

Western Literature: Poetry

Xun Zheng
(Columbia University)

Children, Childhood, and Narratives

2020 Seminars

1) Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Epidemiology of a Pandemic

2) American Food as Immigrant History

3) Capitalism and China

4) Introduction to Educational Linguistics

5) Buddhist Art from India to East Asia

6) Child Psychology

7) Green Chemistry

8) Reality: Not as Simple as it Seems

9) Western Literature: Poetry

10) Children, Childhood, and Narratives

1) Connie Chang-Chien (Johns Hopkins University)

2) Miriam Alvarez Rosenbloom (Columbia University)

3) Yuewei Wang (University of British Columbia)

4) Cameron Sheehy (Vanderbilt University)

5) Xiran Tan (Wesleyan University)

6) Miwa Johnstone (Middlebury College)

7) Jill Mankoff (Wellesley College)

8) Andrea Lam (University of Manchester)

9) Rey Takahashi (Willamette University)

10) Zun Zheng (Columbia University)

2019 Seminars

1) Introduction to Translation Studies: Issues Around Language and


2) Photography in Everyday Life

3) Exploring Concepts in Physics

4) Understanding American Humor

5) Don’t Be Nervous!

6) Reading Cinema

7) Introduction to Philosophy: Plato

8) Social Psychology: Learning, Identity, and Self

9) Hidden Christian and Fumi-e in Tokugawa Japan

10) Struggles of Asians in America

11) Connecting Through Food: From Sushi to Spaghetti 

12) Computers in Our World: Programming with Python 

2018 Seminars

1) Modern Japanese History Through Horror

2) Kung Fu

3) Communication Through Dance

4) Creative Writing: Poetry and Prose

5) The Spectrum of Identity and the Single-Story

6) Introduction to Refugee Studies

7) Cross-Cultural Sociolinguistics: Reflection on Language, Culture, and Society

8) Cultural Appropriation: The Exploitation of Culture

9) Searching for the Theory of Everything

10) Exploring General Chemistry: Structure and Reactions

11) Scientific Understandings of the Nuclear: From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Chernobyl and Fukushima

12) Bit by Bit: Computers and Our World

2017 Seminars

1) Eastern Values, Western Science: Application of Eastern Philosophy in a Westernizing East Asia

2) Truth and Probability

3) Considering Computers: Introduction to Technology and Programming

4) Virology

5) How to Sing Pop

6) Searching for the Tower of Babel: Introduction to Historical and Comparative


7) Environmental Sustainability

8) History of Northern Renaissance Art

9) Hero or “hero”?

10) Women in Politics: A Comparative Approach Between the US and Japan

11) Introduction to International Relations

12) What Makes You, You

2016 Seminars

1) Everyday Psychology

2) Identity and Ethics in Pop

3) Facing Uncertainty and Traveling in Time

4) Introduction to Film Making

5) Humans as Social Beings

6) Humor: Comparing the Japanese and Americans

7) The History of Northern Renaissance Art

8) Introduction to Forensic Science

9) Journalism and Its Impact on the World

10) Programming in Python: An Introductory Course

11) The Question of Identity: Asians in America

12) Cross-Cultural Sociolinguistics: Untranslatability Between English and


2015 Seminars

1) Hip Hop Culture: Community, Identity, and Globalization

2) Communism in the Modern World

3) History of Alchemy and Magic

4) Life and Absurdity

5) English as a Global Language

6) Scientific Literacy

7) Fundamentals of Immunology

8) Reading, Recollection, and Reality

9) Narratives of Japanese Diaspora 

10) Music the Transcendent Language

11) Foundations of Mathematics: Truth, Meaning, Completeness, and


12) Culture of the World: Food and Mythology

2014 Seminars

1) Introduction to Experimental Film

2) Introduction to Metaphysics

3) Good, Evil, and the Modern Hero

4) Me Versus the World: Holden Caulfield’s Rebellion Against “Phoniness”

5) Morals and Money: Ethics in Financial Markets

6) Music and Madness

7) Spotlight on Senkaku

8) The Art of Public Speaking

9) The Hero’s Journey: The Fundamentals of Creative Writing

10) Women as Change-Maker in Chinese Literature: From Tradition to Modernity