Frequently Asked Questions・High School Students


We are planning to hold one! Please register here.


Anyone who fulfills the eligibility requirements will be considered regardless of where they live or their nationality. 

The link to the application page on the website is here. Please submit your essay using the Google Form to complete the application process. 

The content of the assignment is a reflection about yourself, your reasons for applying to KSS, and an understanding of your personality. Please choose the language, either Japanese or English, you are more comfortable using to describe yourself.

This year, the application and acceptance documents will only be online. 

This program is open to high school students under the age of 20 who attend high schools in Japan or overseas, technical colleges (freshman to junior), and Japanese international schools. 


In order to deepen your understanding of the seminar that you will attend on the day of the camp, you may be assigned some pre-assignments. We will contact successful applicants separately with details on what they need to prepare in advance.

The seminars are conducted in English so a certain level of listening and speaking ability is required. However, if you’re someone who isn’t strong at English, there are bilingual Japanese college students and international students who have studied Japanese for more than a year who will support you before and during the program. 

If Covid-19 causes the program to be moved to an online format, the registration fee will be lower than the amount listed below. 

Detailed updates will be provided when changes in the format is decided. 

The participation fee is 60,000 yen (50,000 yen for Komatsu residents). Other expenses that are not required for maintaining operations will be dependent on the individual. The participation fee must be transferred to the designated account after the notification of acceptance. Details on how to transfer the fee will be sent to successful applicants separately.

Frequently Asked Questions・College Students
Japanese & International Students

We keep in touch via communication platforms such as Zoom and Discord. Each month, we hold a meeting with the entire Executive Committee. There are also regular meetings for each department where we share information. 

That’s not a problem. We usually communicate in Japanese, so please don’t worry. There are a lot of international students who are learning Japanese so we just want everyone to be able to communicate in a language (Japanese/English) that makes it easiest to articulate themselves. However, those in the seminar division such as SSs (Seminar Supporter) and seminar committee members require a high English proficiency level. 

That’s totally fine! Knowing Japanese will definitely help make you feel more comfortable during meetings and programs which are entirely conducted in Japanese. You will have a strong support system where the seminar team will do their best to help reduce any language barriers. Also, many of the Japanese college students are strong in English. However, please note that we use Discord so there will be many text conversations in Japanese. 

At KSS, we use a mentor system. For those who are participating in KSS for the first time, they are paired with a continuing member to help better understand KSS and resolve any concerns they may have. It’s completely natural to feel anxious in a new environment. KSS highly values communication and an environment where everyone helps each other so please don’t hesitate to apply. 

Based on domestic and international status updates regarding COVID-19, the format of the program will be decided by mid-March. Currently, we are preparing for both an in-person and online format.

Because a wide variety of high school students participate, it’s hard to generalize but many say that they are “interested in going abroad or studying abroad” or they “want to interact with other people of the same age.” 

Our mission statement is “let’s unfold the map of the future in Hokuriku” so yes, our main target is high school students from the Hokuriku area. We can’t give you an exact percentage of which area the high school students come from but there are students from around the country and the world. 

With the exception of the preparation period and the actual program, KSS-related stuff is conducted virtually so it’s not an issue. We regularly use Zoom and Discord to communicate and share information.

It stands for “Executive Committee.” It refers to the university student staff. 

No, KSS is run fully on a volunteer basis. However, when the program is hosted in-person, all accommodations except air-travel are covered.