KSS2022 Executive Committee

Board of Directors

 Board of Directors Representative:Menghe Xu

Board of Directors:Hiroyuki Kinoshita、Shiro Kuriwaki、Shotaro Koyama、Hiroko Kitano、Kazue Mitsui、Mayu Saito、Nanako Ito、Stéphane Fouché

Auditor:Motoki Taniguchi

Executive Committee

Chair and Vice-Chair


I am from Tokyo and I am majoring in computer science. My hobbies include kendo--which I have been doing since I was four years old--and eSports! I am especially a huge fan of PUBG mobile's pro league and my favorite player is Lapis from Reject. He is the best commander who leads the team with a clear mind and meticulous instructions. Even when I have some free time, I watch past tournaments. My special skill is cooking because I normally cook for myself everyday! My speciality is Italian and Chinese. This is only my second time with the program, but my love and passion for KSS is unrivaled!!

Message to the high schoolers>
"Let's look beyond what is visible to see what is invisible." 


My hometown is Mitaka, Tokyo and I am majoring in education. I like studying in cafés, cooking, reading, self-reflecting, drawing, chatting, doing escape rooms, watching anime, and playing games! Currently, I am really into the smell of incense and other fragrant things. My special skill is cleaning. I can speak both English and Chinese. After participating in a summer program in high school that gave me a new perspective, I decided I wanted to be the one to provide the same experience which is why I joined KSS in 2021. 

Message to the high schoolers>
This should be a summer school that encourages you to take even the smallest step. I hope it pushes you to seek challenges and gives you self-confidence! Let's create the best summer memories together 

General Affairs Department

Head of General Affairs

My hometown is Oyabe, Toyama. I am currently enrolled in the Faculty of International Regional Sciences. My hobbies are going around to cafés and driving. I love clothes so much that I am working part-time at an apparel store. My special talent is soccer which I have now been doing for eight years. When I was in 11th grade, I participated in KSS2018. Through KSS, I was able to rediscover who I am and follow the path I am on. I wanted to support this unforgettable program as a college student, so this will be my second year working on the Executive Committee.

Message to the high schoolers>
Let's enjoy an unforgettable, amazing summer together! Please feel free to reach out and talk whenever!

Deputy Head of General Affairs

I have been living in Ishikawa Prefecture for 20 years. I am studying business management and programming. I am currently interning at two companies where I am practicing management and programming. My hobby is talking with people. I like hearing about people's lives. When I was in ninth grade, I participated in KSS which changed my life. By meeting various high schoolers, university students, and working adults, my world immediately expanded and I was able to find myself. This is my third year running KSS and I am really enjoying it. 

Message to the high schoolers>
Let's make this the best KSS!

Programming Department

Head of Programming

My hometown is Mishima, Shizuoka. I am enrolled in the Faculty of Liberal Arts but have not declared a major yet. However, I am interested in the development of Third World countries. My hobbies include walking. I enjoy exploring unfamiliar cities. Recently, I have been obsessed going to the park and enjoying picnics. Back in 2019, I participated in KSS as a high school student. I also served as an Executive Committee member in 2021, so this will be my second year.  

Message to the high schoolers>
I'm looking forward to seeing you all! Let's grow together and make this the best summer ever!

Deputy Head of Programming

I am from Komatsu, Ishikawa. At school, I am doing International Studies. I enjoy reading books, watching dramas, listening to the radio, and singing. I especially like dramas that have a gradual development and are happy. As for radio broadcasts, I am always listening to it on Tuesdays. Recently, I have been really eager to travel the country all by myself while applying what I have studied about urban planning. I participated in KSS when I was a high school student in 2019 and then worked for the Programming Department in 2021. 

Message to the high schoolers>
Let's make this a summer where we can all grow a size or two! We'll do our best to support you! !

Programming Committee Officer

I was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido and I am majoring in Global Liberal Studies. This is my second year with KSS and my first time with the Programming Team! My hobbies include listening to music, voice acting, watching musicals, and playing Genshin Impact. Lately, I have been into a voice-over rap project called Paradox Live ("Pararai" for short). I am currently taking a gap year so I am working hard to put my full effort into my part-time job, online classes, and KSS. 

Message to the high schoolers>
I want to build an unforgettable, deeply moving, fun program for all the high school students. For KSS2022, I hope to deliver an even better program to the high school students compared to last year's KSS! 

Programming Committee Officer

My hometown is Setagaya, Tokyo. In college, I am majoring in German and plan on studying abroad for a year starting in October. My hobby is making latte art. I bought an espresso machine and have been devoted to making lattes. I also like going on walks and lately, I have been getting off at every station along the Chuo Line to look for good restaurants without seeing the reviews! I am also in a Brazilian music and samba club. Recently, I began learning how to play a Brazilian instrument which I am trying to improve with practice. As a high schooler, I was a part of KSS2018. This will be my second year with the Executive Committee. 

Message to the high schoolers>
I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. Let's have plenty of conversations!! 

Programming Committee Officer

My hometown is in Osaka and I am part of the department of English and American Studies. Starting next year, I plan on attending a liberal arts program in Sweden. I am interested in hospitality and tourism. I like hot lattes, but recently I have been enjoying a regular cup of coffee after dinner. I like using both digital and paper notebooks. I am the type who gets excited to try new things. I joined KSS2021 and am challenging myself in a different department this year. Summer school is a place where people from all over come together which, for me, is super exciting! 

Message to the high schoolers>
Let's make this is a summer school where we can have fun and grow together. The college students will do their best to support you! 

Public Relations Department

Head of Public Relations

My hometown is Komatsu, Ishikawa. I am in the department of International Culture. Currently at school, I am studying multiculturalism, gender, media, and tourism. My hobbies are eating delicious food, going to live concerts and museums, reading, watching Netflix, taking photos with film cameras, and playing the bass. Recently, I have been addicted to Maha Harada's books. I joined KSS last year for the first time and fell in love with the warm atmosphere. I became a public relations officer so that I can introduce KSS to a lot more people. 

<Message to the high schoolers>
I'm already so excited to see what kind of high school students will be joining us this year! I hope KSS will open up options for your future and be a place for high schoolers to challenge themselves with new things. I want you to come and make mistakes that will help you grow! Let's make wonderful summer memories together!   

Deputy Head of Public Relations/Photographer & Videographer

I am studying at a university in Kyoto but am currently on leave for the 2022 academic year. My major is cognitive science. Outside of academics, I work as a videographer/photographer primarily for weddings. Last year's KSS2021 online movie is one of my works. I have done several sports such as swimming, judo, and hammer throwing. Now, as a college student, I am trying to explore and balance different areas. In addition to being a student, I am working as a KSS staff member, photographer/videographer, tutor, restaurant employee, intern, and an event manager. Back in high school, I participated in KSS2017 and hope every high school student can experience a precious time like I did! 

Message to the high schoolers>
To all the high schoolers, thank you for reading this! When we meet, I hope we can have plenty of conversations and I want to listen to all your ideas! There are many enthusiastic college students and high schoolers waiting for you. We hope to see you at KSS2022!

Public Relations Officer

My hometown is Noto, Ishikawa. I go to Kanazawa College of Art where I am majoring in visual design. I am learning the basics such as illustration, film, and publicity. My hobbies include photography, going on walks, and visiting onsen. I love plants so I grow houseplants and often go to nurseries to buy flowers. I also love to exercise and am pretty outdoorsy. This will be my second time working as a staff member for KSS. My special talent is making the best pancakes. If you are interested in art and art school (or just love nature and people), feel free to reach out and chat! 

Message to the high schoolers>
We're waiting! 

Public Relations Officer

I live outside of Syracuse, New York. I have a major is East Asian Studies (with a Japan focus) and a minor in psychology. I am especially passionate about languages, education, and reproductive health rights & justice. I only use English with my friends and family, so before I entered college, I could not speak any Japanese. However, I have been taking Japanese classes for two and a half years. I feel happiest whenever I am doing something related to Japanese. My hobbies include playing squash, painting with water color, doing embroidery, and spending time with my cats. Last year, I worked as an SL and had an incredible experience. As a PR officer this year, I hope to introduce this amazing program with as many high schoolers and college students as possible. 

Message to the high schoolers>
This summer, don't be afraid to ask questions!

High School Department

Head of High School Students Department

Hi! My name is Sogo Araki and I am the head of the High School Students Department. I was born in Fukui Prefecture but I am living in Tokyo. I am a freshman at Sophia University and have a major in business administration within the Faculty of Economics. My hobby is music and I composed last year's KSS alma mater song (please listen to it)! I participated in KSS back in 2017 and want high school students to have the same experience which is why I decided to join again as a college student. My special talent is playing shogi (Japanese chess). I am currently on the oh-you're-pretty-good level 3. I am aiming to be at level 1 within the year. Additionally, I know how to play many different kinds of instruments. 

Message to the high schoolers>
Hello to all you high schoolers who are interested in KSS! We have gathered the best people to make KSS absolutely fun, so we're looking forward to you joining us!

Deputy Head of High School Students Department

My hometown is Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. At school, I am in the department of Political Science and Economics. My hobbies include playing the guitar and listening to J-Pop. After entering university, I was introduced to KSS by an acquaintance which is why I joined. This is going to be my third year being part of the administrative team. My special talent is rakugo (at least I would like to say I am good at it). However, I actually have not done it in a while so I would like to go back to it one day. . . 
I am looking forward to having fun with everyone this year at KSS!

Message to the high schoolers>
Let's build the best KSS together!

High School Committee Officer & General Affairs Officer

My hometown is in Toyama Prefecture but I am currently living in Saga Prefecture. My major is architecture. I love it so much that my mind is always filled with design projects haha! My hobbies include going around to traditional Japanese-style farmhouses, photography, traveling alone, listening to music, etc. My special skills include budgeting, collecting points for cash back rewards, and crafting. My latest goal is become proficient in CAD and Adobe Illustrator! I participated in KSS2018 as a high schooler and became a college staff member because I wanted to play a part in creating the program that changed me so much! 

Message to the high schoolers>
May KSS be the first step. 

Human Resources

Head of Human Resources

I was born in Iwate Prefecture and raised in Fukushima Prefecture but I am currently going back and forth between London and Tokyo. When I was in 10th grade, I left my high school in Japan and enrolled in a high school in England. Currently, I am studying philosophy, politics, and economics at a university in London. My hobbies include watching baseball games, doing kendo, going around to Indian curry restaurants, playing the guitar, driving, etc. I also love discovering new music. I have been a part of KSS since last year so this will be my second year. My special skill is being able to arrange a Rubik's Cube with six sides.  

Message to the high schoolers>
I can't wait for the best summer where we can learn alongside you all! 

Deputy Head of Human Resources |Seminar Division|

I am from Indiana in the U.S. I am majoring in Biochemistry, classical piano, and Japanese. Having grown up in the countryside, my hobbies include fishing, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities. I was a seminar leader for KSS2021. My special skill is cooking BBQ for my girlfriend. 

Message to the high schoolers>
Let's make this the best summer ever! 

Human Resources Officer |Seminar Division|

Greetings! My name is Grace. I am a senior studying Media, Culture, & Communications and minoring in both Cinema Studies and Japanese. I grew up traveling between Seoul, Boston, Jeju Island, and consider all three places my home. I participated in KSS2021 as a Seminar Leader which I consider one of the most eye-opening experiences ever. I have come to appreciate the multicultural interactions, learning possibilities, and cherish all the friendships I made along the way. Besides academics, I love handcrafts, listening to music, and watching films! 

Message to the high schoolers>
We are super excited to have you at KSS! We're waiting for anyone who is up for the most fun and rewarding experience during the summer! By the end of the week, I hope we can complete with lasting memories we will treasure for a lifetime.  

Human Resources Officer |Seminar Division|

My hometown is in California. I am majoring in Linguistics and Japanese. My hobby is bouldering. Last year, I was a Seminar Leader and this year I am working as an E-Board member. A fun fact is I like natto.  

Message to the high schoolers>
Take chances!

Human Resources Officer |College Student Division|

My hometown is in Aichi Prefecture. At school, I am in the Department of Economics. I want to help resolve problems surrounding poverty. My hobbies include saving up money, drawing, going for walks, swimming, running, and weight training (although I have not been doing it recently).  Lately, I have been counting the money in my wallet. I always go to Starbucks whenever they offer a new product. I was a part of KSS in 2020 and had so much fun that I decided to join as a university student. My special skill is being able to sleep anywhere, including the train. During my time as a college student, I want to challenge myself with different things. 

Message to the high schoolers>
Meeting new people will change your life, so if you join you'll find it really interesting!!

List of Universities
Executive Committee Members Are Attending


Doshisha University 

International Christian University 

Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Kanazawa College of Art

Kanazawa Seiryo University

Kansai Gaidai University 

Saga University 

Sophia University

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

University of Fukui 

Yokohama City University 


Delft University of Technology 

Indiana University

King’s College London

Mount Holyoke College

New York University 

University College London

University of California Santa Barbara