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General Recruitment

KSS2022 Details


Program period: August 1, 2022 to August 7, 2022 (JPT)

If you become a university staff member, you must participate in the entire program.


Program delivery (remote・in-person)


1.Komatsu Summer School E-Board


The Komatsu Summer School Executive Board is divided into five departments:


General Affairs, Programming, Public Relations, High School Students, and Human Resources. Each member will be assigned to a department.


Additionally, there are various positions such as House Leader (HL), Seminar Leader (SL), and Seminar Supporter (SS). 


After carefully reading the overview of each department, please tell us which department you would like to be assigned to and why. 


Furthermore, right now is early recruitment. Regular recruitment is scheduled to start around mid-January 2022. Please wait for updates.


Note that regardless of whether you pass or not, we will be accepting applications again during the regular recruitment period.


※We are not accepting applications for only the House Leader or Seminar Supporter positions. Please apply to the department you wish to be assigned to as an


Executive Committee member and also tell us why you would like to serve concurrently as an HL or SS.


Early Recruitment Deadline:December 3, 2021 at 11:59pm JST

Regular Recruitment Deadline:February 15, 2022 at 11:59 JST


2.Department Overview

General Affairs Department

The General Affairs Department prepares the necessary foundation for hosting the summer school. There are three main responsibilities:

1) Administrative work such as management and preparing official documents.
2) Financial management.
3) Interacting with external parties such as companies and other institutions.

This is an important department that forms the foundation for KSS operations. You will gain the necessary tools to manage a large-scale event.

Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department is a department that conducts public relations activities and has three main responsibilities:

1) Indirect public relations by managing KSS's social media, website, and creating flyers.
2) Direct public relations such as holding information sessions for high school students and parents in various areas as well as visiting high schools in Ishikawa Prefecture.
3) Approach media such as TV networks, newspaper companies, and radio stations.

In order to make KSS more widely known, you will will do so through various active PR work and relationships with outside groups which will help you gain necessary business skills.

High School Department

The High School Student Department is in charge of the high school student selection process as well as preparations for their attendance. There are three main responsibilities:

1) Selecting high school student participants.
2) Responding to e-mails from parents and high school students who plan on participating after the selection.
3) Organizing things such as guidebooks and welcome packages which will be distributed to all participants and staff members.

You will be able to forge a connection with the high school students who play a central part in KSS from the time they apply to the program. This is a department where you will feel the students' growth very close to you. It is also where most of the House Leaders work.

Human Resources Department

Human Resources is a department that comprises of two sections: The University Student Division and the Seminar Division.

a) University Student Division
The University Student Division supports the university students in maximizing their respective abilities to provide a better summer school experience for the high school students. This team implements IT tools to facilitate communication among the university students, plans events and other activities, and provides training to acquire the skills necessary to be a university student staff member. You will have the opportunity to acquire problem-solving skills and take initiative.

b) Seminar Division
The seminar team is responsible for preparing KSS's central program, the seminars. In the seminar, bilingual Seminar Supporters (SS) and overseas Seminar Leaders (SL) pair up to give lessons based on the liberal arts curriculum in an interactive style.

The seminar team is responsible for three main tasks:
1) The selection of SLs and the preparation of syllabi and lesson plans in the months leading up to the program.
2) The rehearsal of activities and mock classes with SLs at the pre-seminar session.
3) Providing language support for high school students in the seminars conducted in English and for SLs during programs only in Japanese.

Programming Department

The Programming Department plans and manages all the programs, thus playing a vital role in the summer school. In general, the workshops, lectures, activities, etc. that take place during the summer school are referred to as programs.

Each person will be in charge of one to two programs (the number of programs a committee member is in charge of will be determined by the content of the program and their concurrent work with other departments). You will be able to give shape to what you want the high school students to learn through KSS as well as what kind of projects you should implement in order to help them grow. You will be able to directly see the high school students' responses to the projects you are in charge of, thus making it a fulfilling position.

If you have any questions, please

3.Executive Positions

Head / Deputy Head

The head and deputy head supervise their department. This position requires the ability to manage the time schedule and determine the direction of the department in preparation for the summer school. Additionally, they are expected to have the ability to manage their committee members through methods such as team building. In actuality, you will be able to learn leadership skills through trial and error. 

Committee Member

**Updating description**

House Leader (HL)

One of the most important features at Komatsu Summer School is the “House” system, and this position requires you to be able to lead a House.




For more information about the house system, please visit “About KSS –> House System” . 



This is a position where you can feel the growth of the high school students the closest, and it is recommended for those who want to share their past high school experiences directly with the students through KSS.  

※We are not looking for those who only want to work as a House Leader. In your application, please specify which department you would like to work in and include that you would also like to work as a House Leader. 

Seminar Leader (SL)

Seminar Leaders (SL) serve two roles: teacher and mentor. Together with a bilingual Seminar Supporter(SS), SLs will co-design and co-teach several seminars on a topic of their choice in English. The range of topics are limitless!

SLs also actively engage with a “house” comprising of students from other seminars. You will interact with the students in your house for most of the time outside of class, during meal times, as well as participating in social and cultural activities together.

All seminars are taught in English. Outside of the seminars, there are bonding activities and programs conducted in Japanese. It is highly recommended you have a certification that proves you have immediate Japanese proficiency, or at least have been studying two years or more. However, we strive to provide as much translation and interpretation support for all SLs. 

4.Departments recruiting and eligibility

General Affairs Department(a few people)

〜Those who live in the Hokuriku region and can commute to Ishikawa Prefecture (Kanazawa and Komatsu) on a regular basis and those who have a car are welcome.

〜Able to communicate continuously throughout the preparation period.

Public Relations Department(a few people)

〜Those in charge of the website: Experience with WordPress and Elementor.

〜PR image creator: Any software can be used.

〜Photography and videography: Those with equipment and experience.

High School department(approx. 5 people)

*Application opens after January

〜Those who have experience working with high school students after entering college through tutoring, etc. are welcome.

〜There will be a lot going on between April to June so those who are able to devote their time to KSS during this period are preferred.

Human Resources Department(a few people)

〜Those interested in managing organizational communities, preparing trainings, and facilitating communication.

〜Those with summer school experience are welcome.

Programming Department (Approx. 10 people)


〜Must be able to continuously work hard on planning and management. You will work ~5-6 hours per week continuously up until the program period (ie. from the mid-June, which is the busy season, to August).

~Those who are flexible. You must be flexible enough to handle unexpected situations on the day of an event.

~Those who enjoy generating new ideas and bringing them to life. This position is for people with imagination and who have

the ability to come up with program ideas that support the growth of high school students while enjoying doing so.

~Those who like working in teams. Usually, two people work as a pair to run one program.

One of the key parts of KSS is the various programs. As opposed to specific skills, it is important for you to keep the

high school students' growth in mind by being creative and making ideas come to life. It is a busy department that requires

hard work up until the day of your event but it is a department that will give you a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction,

and personal growth. We are looking forward to working with you!

5.Application Requirements


①Must be undergraduate or graduate students during the KSS period (High school students who have already decided where to go at the time of the application as well as recent college graduates are eligible).

②Must have the time and willingness to work as an Executive Committee member following March 2022. 

③Must be able to participate in the pre-training camp(7/30-7/31) and the actual program(8/1-8/7 ). 

④Strong Japanese proficiency.  

⑤Willingness to communicate in English. 


①Those who live in Komatsu or Kanazawa. 

②Enrolled in a university in Ishikawa Prefecture. 

③ Has a drivers license (MT or AT)

Owns a car that is used year-round. 

Has experience with summer schools. 

6. 説明会


①2021年2月7日(日) 18:00~19:00 JST

②2021年2月13日(土) 18:00~19:00 JST

③2021年2月27日(土) 18:00~19:00 JST



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