KSS Alumni Association
Officer Application Guidelines

Executive Recruitment Guidelines

We are currently looking to fill the vice-president position which belongs to the head office.

Tasks will be divided amongst all members of the Alumni Association but the vice-president is responsible for overseeing work related to “planning,” “personal information security,” “public relations,” and “general affairs.”

Areas the Vice-President Oversees


The person(s) in charge of planning is responsible for organizing and carrying out things such as events led by the Alumni Association.

Personal Info Security

The person(s) in charge of personal information security is responsible for managing the membership and email addresses list.

Public Relations

The person(s) in charge of public relations is responsible for publicizing all Alumni Association activities and managing social media accounts.

General Affairs

The person(s) in charge of general affairs is responsible for finances and documenting activities related to the Alumni Association.

Number of People Being Recruited

3 to 4 people

Term of Office

From the time of acceptance until the end of March, 2022. 

Application Requirements

3. 応募方法



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